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How can I get rid of dents in my vehicle?

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips and Tricks on Monday, July 29th, 2019 at 4:48 pm
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Three ways to get rid of small dents in your vehicle

A little scratch or dent on a vehicle never hurt anyone, but for luxury vehicle owners, it can be a real bummer when your vehicle has that unappealing dent glaring at you. Not every dent has to be permanent, though. Check out our blog to learn three different ways you can get rid of small dents in your vehicle by yourself!

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  • Use a plunger. These tools aren’t just useful for unclogging toilets; the large suction cup can also be used to pull dents out of your vehicle. Simply apply some water to the area for added suction, apply pressure, and give it a tug. This may take a few tries.
  • Use a hair dryer, aluminum foil, and dry ice. Heat will make the plastic or metal more flexible, so you may be able to remove the dent by heating up the area, putting aluminum foil over top of it, and rubbing dry ice on it. The quick change in temperature should cause a small dent to come out.
  • Use boiling water. You can simply apply boiling water to the dent and then reach around and try pushing the dent out if you’re able to reach it underneath the metal or plastic. Pour cold water over the dent afterwards to keep it in place.

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Don’t settle for that unappealing look caused by a large dent. Learn more tips and tricks when you contact our team here at Maserati Lotus Greenville!

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