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What happens when your wheels aren’t aligned properly?

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips and Tricks on Monday, September 23rd, 2019 at 3:59 pm
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Three reasons you need a wheel alignment

Here at Maserati Lotus of Greenville, we do more than just sell luxury sports cars. We also deliver exceptional automotive services. Wheel alignments are just one of the many services we provide. While this may not be one of the first services that comes to mind when scheduling a service appointment, it’s necessary for keeping your vehicle driving straight. Read on to learn three reasons you need a wheel alignment!

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Uneven tire wear

As the wheel bearings are bent out of place, you’ll find that the tires can become unevenly worn out due to the extra pressure placed on certain wheels. When your tires become unevenly worn out, you’ll have to replace them sooner than you may have anticipated – and new tires aren’t cheap.

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Damage to the suspension

The suspension system can usually withstand a few bumps here and there. After all, that’s what it’s designed for. However, those jolts and shocks to the suspension can build up over time and damage it, which will lead to costly repairs down the road.

Poor fuel economy

Along with the points listed above, misaligned wheels can have a negative effect on your fuel economy. Uneven tire wear and misaligned tires force the engine to work harder, which in turn burns more fuel.

Think you may be in need of a wheel alignment? We’ll take care of it for you. Schedule a service appointment with us today to get your vehicle back in tip-top shape!

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